Who are we

With us you get honesty impartial advice custom ERP systems expertise experienced consultants big industry knowledge

Honesty and expertise

We work hard to make you feel welcome and listened to, therefore we work hard to understand your needs, to ensure that your future ERP system fits your wishes.

Our contact information:
Periti ApS
Danmarksvej 30F
8660 Skanderborg
Tlf: 86309302
E-mail: Info@periti.dk


Our regular team:

Here you can see who sits daily at the office in Skanderbborg – in addition, we work on a daily bases with external consultants.

You can see which companies we collaborate with contractors.

Bo Zacher Nielsen

Mail: Bo@periti.dk
Mobile: 27 12 93 02

Sofie Kjeldgaard

Communication responsible
Mail: Sofie@periti.dk
Mobile: 40 35 93 05


Our vision is that our customers get the most out of their ERP system.

Periti comes from Latin and can be freely translated into “an expert, specific as a skilled theologian used as a consultant”.

Our bank details:
Payment is handled by Sydbank Skanderborg 
CVR-number: 35675663

Book an non-binding meeting.

We like to come out and review your current solution and see if there are areas where your ERP system can be upgraded. At the same time, we can give you an overview of the latest trends in the ERP world. Please write and email here, or call us at 8630 9302.


D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.