New board member?

With Bo in your board you get experience expertise loyalty  industry knowledge

A board member with broad industry insight

I order for your business to make the most of its board, it is important that this i effective and committed. It is evident that a company isn’t better than its management, including a board that manages its responsibilities.

With Bo as a new board memner, you get a fresh breath for your board, and he can ensure that your company continues its progress and is moving foreward.

Board of members

Bo adds this to your board

Experience and expertise

When Bo enters your board, he brings his expertise and can provice input on how the company can move forward.

Small or medium sized companys

Bo is in other boards, both in smaller and larger companies. And know about the challenges that can arise.
Board of members

What can an ERP consultant do?

Bo has 20 years of experience with the ERP industry, but also with the IT world and has worked with many different industries.

He knows serveral different types of companies and knows the challenges that can arise if you want to digitialize your business.

Bo will add fresh blood to your company, and is quick to familiarize with your companys problems. Together with the other board members, he will work hard on coming up with solutions that will help your company move foreward.

Book an non-binding meeting.

We like to come out and review your current solution and see if there are areas where your ERP system can be upgraded. At the same time, we can give you an overview of the latest trends in the ERP world. Please write and email here, or call us at 8630 9302.


D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.