Management of economy in ERP systems

The course is about

Continuing education of accountants and administrative staff

In collaboration with Dania Erhverv, we offer this continuing education, which strengthens the employees’ competencies in the company’s ERP system, the course originates from the subject Applied Economics from the program Innovation, Product and Production. 

The coursw specializes the users of the system so that they can effectively perform their tasks in the ERP system and are updated in what functions the system has

This price is DKK 9,500, for a 5 time tuition, distributed over 5 weeks. When you are studying with us, we provic material and catering.

Mangement of economics

Financial support for continuing education

Opportunity to apply for financial subsidy for continuing education

You can apply for up to DKK 10.000 kr in granys for continuing education.
Read more about the grant here

Refund to employer, the days your worker are on education

Through SVU, your employer can get money back on the days you are on education. Depending on your employment.
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Management of economics

What does the course contain?

The course teaches in a practical understanding of the functions of the ERP system and how the various modules work together.

Qualifications: Yo have daily experience with ERP systems, but want to become a super user.

– Cost management
– Financial reporting forms 
– Managing operating budgets and invoice flow  
– Adustments to the annual accounts to the auditor
– Theoretical and pratice understanding of the modules in the ERP system

The course is concluded with an examination based on a synopsis and after graduation you will receive a diploma in Applied Economics.

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The course is scheduled for the following dates:
11 September 2019
18 September 2019
25 September 2019
2 Oktober 2019
9 Oktober 2019

Registration can be done easily here, or should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 86309302 or send an email to

D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.

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