ERP projectmanager

Let our projectmanager manage your project and get clarity transparency a completed project the same contact person

What experiences should you listen to?

Perhaps you have your own experiences, or know some who have experience with the fact that an ERP project has gone into the sink. There can be many reasons why the project did not succeed – and these will we avoid when we start a new ERP project.

When we start up a new ERP project, we spend a lot of time understanding your business. Based on your needs, we prepare the project plan, which we are constantly returning to in the process.

The projects lifecycle

Whether you want us to run your entire ERP project, or just part of it.
Then you can form an overview of how a project can proceed below.

The first meeting

At the first meeting we get an understanding of your business and your needs. So we can prepare a need and requirement specification.

Process meeting

Then we hold meetings with the various departments in your company so that we can understand the processes that must be included in your ERP system.

Project planning

With the understanding of your company, we can start planning the project and download consultants who can adapt your solution.


The consultants are starting to adapt your solution and at the same time get into parts in can test. We test so early so we can quickly correct any errors.


When the system is ready for handover, we will teach your users in it so they are ready to use it. After transfer, we still make support on your system.
Projekt plan

Experience and expertise

Is what you get if you choose to use a project manager from us. It will be the same project manager that follows your project from start to finish, and it will always be the same that controls the contact between you and our consultants.

With us you get a project manager who is experienced in managing ERP projects and who knows where pitfalls can occur.

Book an non-binding meeting.

We like to come out and review your current solution and see if there are areas where your ERP system can be upgraded. At the same time, we can give you an overview of the latest trends in the ERP world. Please write and email here, or call us at 8630 9302.


D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.