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Frequently asked questions

People often ask us questions about ERP systems, about which to chose or how to get the most out of them.

Here on the page you can get answera to some of the questions you may have, and should you not be able to find an answer, please contact us then.

ERP faq

It is important to consider your business needs while assessing what your future plans are. Then you need to assess what your budget is and whether you can manage the project yourself. You can read more about the systems here.

If you have purchased your license so theres a while until i expires, you have some time to run on. But you need to consider youur options.
You need to consider your companys needs and how these can be implemented in the ERP system.

You can also contact us and we can advise you to make the best choice for your particular business. You can read more about out business advice here.

An alternative to your C5 can be either Uniconta or Microsoft NAV, these are reminiscent of your C5 and it won’t take long for users to get used to the new system.

You can read more about Uniconta here or, Microsoft NAV here.

You must start by assessing whether your company is ready to get a new ERP system. The maturity can be assessed from:
– The time to test and implement a new system.

Perhaps your ERP system can no longer perform the tasks you need, and it needs to be upgradede to your processes.
The system can also be upgradede so that its performance is faster so that i can quickly perform your tasks.

You can read more about upgrading vs. getting a new system here.

An ERP system can control everything from your production to HR and payroll. It can streamline your everyday life, reduce your resource consumption and save you a lot of money in the longer term.

You can read more about why you should acquire an ERP system here.

Maybe you now have an AX 2012, and have heard a lot about Dynamics 365 and its capabilities, and perhaps you have heard that you should consider switching.

Yes Dyn365 can do many things, but if you are fully satisfied with your current system, then you can easily continue with it. The switch to Dyn365 requries a lot and you need time and money to make the change.

But you can read mære about Dyn365 here.

To get the most out of your ERP system, it is important that all your processes are integrated into the system.
If you find it difficult to control your processes, we can help you get an overview of them.

You can read more about out project managers here.

We are happy to provide an experienced project manager who can ensure that your ERP system is successfully implemented. You can read more about our project managers here.

Are you going to choose a ERP supplier, and may have already received several offers, but are in doubt as to which offer is best and which supplier has your interests in mind.

Let us do your supplier assessment, where we together with you, we run through the offers and give you a good overview of what they really offer.

From our overview, you can make the most sensible choice for you and your company.

Read more about our supplier assessment here.

We have a wide network of external consultants, who have experience from several different industries, so if you have to work with an industry we have not mentioned here on the page. In our broad network of consultants, we can always find someone who has experience with your industry.

An ERP consultant can take a look on your business. Our consultants work primarily with support, adaptations and setup of ERP systems.

You can read more about out consultants here.

Book an non-binding meeting.

We like to come out and review your current solution and see if there are areas where your ERP system can be upgraded. At the same time, we can give you an overview of the latest trends in the ERP world. Please write and email here, or call us at 8630 9302.


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