Personal Data Act

Make a protocol set of rules for handeling GDPR

Handle the Personal Data Act with a protocol

Even though the GDPR law came into force last year, many still haven’t managed to control how they should handle it in their company – maybe you are one of them?

It is basically about handeling the person and company sensitive information, in a correct way. This can be done by introducing some protocols that sets a standard, so your employees know how to handle the law.

If you need help understanding the law or getting it implemented in your everyday life, we can help you.

Personal Data Act

These things are most important

Processing of personal information

When you, as a company, handle personal information, you must make sure that you have the consent to have this, and remove it when any employee stops working with you.

The right to know what information you have

If your employees want to know what information you have, they have the right to have this told. If you have information on customers, ect. and they want to access their information, these are also entitled to this.

The right to be informed

Should you be so unfortunate that there was a breach of the personal data law and you get some information stolen, then you have the duty to notify the persons involved, so they can take their precautions.
Personal Data Act

Your systems should also handle GDPR

The systems you use to handle everything from production to HR should also have some rules for handeling GDPR.

You need to now if there is any gaps in the system, and you can do that by getting your systems tested. When you know the gaps you have a chance to close them and have set some rules if something unexpected should happen.

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