Jydsk tagteknik

Jydsk Tagteknik's ERP system does tasks time tracking billing projects

Functionality made everyday life easier

Jydsk Tagteknik needed an ERP system that could handle their increasing need for functionality. But also wanted to work with a company where it would be the same consultant who handled their tasks.

In collaboration we found out that and AX 2012 could solve their needs. And then we started to adjust the new AX to their processes and needs.

Jydsk Tagteknik has many employees who daily travel to customers around the country. Therefore, it was important that these could access the system when they were on the go.

What can Jydsk Tagtekniks system do?

Controle time restration directly on the task

Jydsk Tagteknik's employees can access an app directly on the task, and indicate which tasks they have performed and record the time.

Make everyday life easier

It has become easier for Jydsk Tagteknik to handle the daily tasks, both at the customers' premises and at the head office.

Easy integration between systems.

Jydsk Tagteknik has several different systems that handle time, employees etc.. Therefore, we have made the integration between the AX and the systems easy.

Jydsk Tagtekniks app, works on all mobile devices.

The app we have developed for Jydsk Tagteknik can be accessed from any smartphone brand, even if it is an Android or IPhone.

In addition, employees can easily register their time, write comments about the task and add other things to it, directly in the app.

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D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.