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Kjærgaard got their existing systems upgraded

Kjærgaard looked for a new system, but in coorperation with Periti they figured that their existing system would do with an upgrade.

“Periti has been responsible for upgrading all platforms to the latest versions. They are quick to catch, what business they have to do and our wishes, operations and functions. And they continually ensure that our old, really outdated system meets all the company’s requirements, because they adapt the system to our needs” – Explains department manager at Kjærgaard IT, Lars Peter Ladby-Hansen.

With an upgrade Kjærgaard got:

Easy management of subject areas

Kjærgaard has several subject areas, and the ERP system has made it easier for them to manage the projects in each subject area.

Electronic invoices

The Kjærgaard ERP system can itself fill in invoices based on the data the employees have entered into the system. In doing so, the bookkeeper must simple check up and approve.

Easily accessible business partner

Lars Peter and Kjærgaard are very pleased with the cooperation with us.
He describes us as an easily accessible partner who solves th task to suit their particular business and at a reasonable price.

“Everything we get through support, ends up saving us time” – Says Lars-Peter Ladby-Hansen.

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D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.