Microsoft C5

Microsoft C5 can be Customized to your needs still be supported be replaced by a newer system

Microsoft C5 is still a fully functional system

Although Microsoft stopped the support of C5 the 8 th of January 2019, it is still possible to use the system.
If you have a running C5, you can use it as long as your licenses run.
However, it can be difficult to get the license extended.

It is still possible to customize its C5 so that it still meets the needs you may have. We work with several consultants who have many years of experience with customizations in Microsoft C5.

Microsoft Nav

Alternatives to Microsoft C5

Switch to Microsoft NAV

Microsoft NAV er en mulighed

When you have a C5, you already know about Microsoft's design. Therefore, NAV will be a good alternative as it will not take much time to get used to the new system.
Read about Microsoft NAV here

Swich to Microsoft AX

From C5 to AX

If your business grows over the coming years, AX will be a good alternative to your C5. AX is a larger system that contains several modules for larger companies.
Read about Microsoft AX here

Switch to Uniconta

An alternative to Microsoft

Uniconta was developed by Erik Damgaard, who in his time developed C5. Therefore, the two systems remind you a lot about each other and you can quickly use it.
Read about Uniconta here
Microsoft Nav

Have you examined your options?

With the many options available, it can be difficult to make the right choice. A good way to be sure of getting the right choice is to get an impartial advisor to take a look at one’s business.

The projectmananger is not working with a company and will therefore make sure that you get the system that best suits your business and its future. You can read about impartial advice or about SMV: Digital here.


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