Dynamics 365 F&O and AX 2012

The systems that can handle production to HR invoice flow  the data easily

The possibilities

Dynamics 365 F&O will eventually take over from AX 2012. But even if you are running on an 2012, you dont have to worry about it suddenly not working – that will not happen.

The differencies between the systems is that DYN365 can be accessed from all devices and all the data is in the cloud.

The two systems are very similar to each other and are easy to navigate around, especially if you have som knowledge of Microsoft’s other products.

Microsoft Dynamics

DYN365 vs. AX 2012

Dynamics 365 F&O

Can be accessed directly from your webbrowser or with an app from a smartphone.

Benefits with DYN365 F&O

With the DYN365 F&O you set a solution where all the data is in the cloud, and you can access your data from all devices. With DYN365 you get a standard solution, where you can add additions that can control some of your needs.

Microsoft AX 2012

Indtalled and accessed from your computer, just as you always did.

Benefits with AX 2012

With an AX 2012 you get a solution that can be accessed from your computer and which downloads the stored data every time you use it. With AX 2012 you get a standard solution, in which you can directly adjust items according to your needs.

Should I use the new one?

If you are currently using an AX 2012, then do not fear that you suddenly will be unable to use this anymore. Microsoft just wants more people to start using their cloud solution, but if you are completely satisfied with your AX 2012, then there is no need to change.

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