Uniconta can fit your needs accessed from all units easily replaced with your C5

A good alternative to your C5

Uniconta was developed by the same developer who developed C5 in its time – before Microsoft bought it. Therefore, there are many similarities between Uniconta and C5 and if you only know a little about Microsoft products, you will quickly be able to familiarize yourself with the functionality of Uniconta.

If you want to replace your C5 with Uniconta, or want to use Uniconta as your first ERP system Then we can help you make the most of the system.

Business advice

Switch from your current system to Uniconts

Uniconta has a built-in conversion tool that makes it easy and safe to switch to Uniconta

Switch from Microsoft C5

Uniconta takes over from C5

If you have a C5, you probably know that Microsoft stopped for this support in the beginning of 2019. With Uniconta you get a system that reminds you and that you can quickly use.

Switch from Microsoft NAV

From NAV to Uniconta

If you have a slightly older NAV and are considering replacing it, then Uniconta will be a good alternative. Uniconta can be set up to suit your needs.

Switch from other ERP system

Easy switch

You can also switch from other ERP systems to Uniconta. With the built-in conversion tool, you are sure that none of your data will be lost during the switch.

Does Uniconta fit my business?

Uniconta is suitable for the small and medium-sized company that wants an ERP system that can help them with the basic departments of their company.

Uniconta is cloud-based and ensures that you can access the system’s data – and at the same time you are sure that no data will disappear as it is automatic stored in the cloud.

Our consultants can customize Uniconta to your needs, create the fields you need and set up the modules based on the data you have. If you have an webshop, Uniconta can also be set up so that it can handle your data from there.

Book an non-binding meeting.

We like to come out and review your current solution and see if there are areas where your ERP system can be upgraded. At the same time, we can give you an overview of the latest trends in the ERP world. Please write and email here, or call us at 8630 9302.


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