Upcoming ERP courses

Courses with focus on Uniconta Dynamics 365 / AX other ERP systems

Courses and webinar that strengthen your ERP skills

We held both courses in our premises in Skanderborg.

Our courses and webinar range widely, but all focus on ERP systems, in different sizes and shapes.
We also conduct teaching courses, and at the moment we have a course planned that focuses on the operating economy of the ERP system – which you can read more about here.

upcoming ERP courses

Upcoming courses:

Webinar: Choice of ERP system

A seminar that goes through the elements you go through when you have to acquire a new ERP system.

2 day Uniconta course

A two-day course for those who are considering switching to Uniconta and want to learn more about the system before you acquir it.
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Subject: Managing sales in the ERP system

Handling the sales modules in the ERP system, from sales to planning and a final order.

Course: Go-Home-Meeting about Uniconta

For those who know about C5 and who would like to know more about Uniconta before you transfer your current system.
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Do you have a specific wish for a course?

If you cannot find a course or webinar that suits what you need, then we can easily develop one together. If you have a need, then there are certainly others who have the need.
You just need to contact us and then we can develop it.

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If you do not know exactly which course suits your experience, please contact us so that we can get a talk about which course you should register for.
Or if you want a cooperation with a specific course or webinar, please write an email here, or call us at 86309302.


D. 17 September afholder vi gå-hjem-møde om produktionsstyring i ERP systemet.